Churchill #32 - Copenhagen, Friday 24.04.2015
Obscura + Bjørn Svin, Mikkel Meyer, Rumpistol, Mads Emil Nielsen. More info here.

"The lengthy passages evolve slowly, as various looping patterns are elicited and augmented by
synthetic streams that themselves sprout into self-sustaining ideas. Nielsen has a knack for crafting highly-listenable assemblages through arcane means."
- Decoder Magazine shares arbitrary's recent PM016 reissue - Link

PM016 track 01: Glow (excerpt) featured on The Wire Tapper 37 CD, April 2015. More info here.

Mads Emil Nielsen/Adam Pultz Melbye live at Råhuset, Copenhagen 18 February - excerpts. More

The Nielsen Sisters: Love & Peaces, album release: April 2015 - first single posted here.

arbitrary02 / TBM004 - Jomi Massage, Maria Laurette Friis
& Mads Emil Nielsen: ASPHALT III added to The Lake Radio.

Live dates, February 2015 (more info here.)
11/2 Koncertkirken, Cph. (Vinterjazz)
18/2 Adam Pultz Melbye / Mads Emil Nielsen, Råhuset, Cph. (Vinterjazz)
28/2 Hemisphere 55° 40’23 N 12° 34’56 E, Dome of Visions, Cph.

EMS, Stockholm

Residency at EMS (Elektronmusikstudion), Stockholm, 2-15 February 2015 - link

The arbitrary website has been updated with new releases, Berlin, Copenhagen and US distribution
info + new items available via the order page, including FRAMEWORK A3 prints - more here.

arbitrary02 / TBM004: ASPHALT - improvised live soundtrack performed and edited by
Jomi Massage, Maria Laurette Friis & Mads Emil Nielsen, released as tape + download
December 31 on arbitrary and The Being Music. More information and audio here. ASPHALT III:

FRAMEWORK Book + CD available soon via Mimaroglu Music (US).
All 14 scores and recordings have been posted at

FRAMEWORK is now available at Image Movement and neurotita Shop & Galerie, Berlin,
and via the arbitrary order page. For more information, please visit arbitrary. Excerpts:

The PM016 tape release on Plant Migration Records is on Tabs Out's list:
Top 200 Tapes of 2014. It will be available as a digital reissue on arbitrary, January 5th 2015.

FRAMEWORK release reception + short concert 14 December 2014
Blaa Galleri, Copenhagen 15:00 - more information and RVSP here.

New label/platform: arbitrary - FRAMEWORK Book + CD, release date: 14.12.2014. More here.

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CPH:DOX - Future 3 support, Saturday 08.11.2014 - DR Koncerthuset Studie 2 - info here.

GInman/Eivør DK tour November 2014 - link

Wundergrund, Dome of Visions 31.10.2014 - info / short video clip / photos.

Giana Factory live at Lille VEGA Thursday 30 October 2014. Support: Mads Emil Nielsen - link

Producing sounds/more for Eivør and Peter Jensen's piece The Seal Woman,
to be performed by Eivør, DR BIgband + DR Vocal Ensemble in November 2014.

Live concert at Wundergrund Festival, 31 October 2014 confirmed. Link

Jakob Riis + Mads Emil Nielsen will play live at Sort/Hvid: DEN NYE LYD thursday 16 October 22:00

Deconstruction_1 featured on the (h)ear XL II Compilation, available at the exhibition.

PM016 track 03: In Circles added to The Lake Radio.

International Cassette Store Day, article in Berlingske Tidende (danish) - link

(h)ear XL II (Monokrom 1 + Deconstruction_1)

This thursday, September 25th 17:00:
The Nielsen Movement - The Transformer
release reception at SORT/HVID, Skindergade 3, Copenhagen

September 18th 23:00:
Mads Emil Nielsen/Adam Pultz Melbye - Multiversal North, Mayhem, Cph.
Audio/video from Timo-talks, September 4th 2014, has been posted here.

Deconstruction_1 -
A deconstruction / recomposition based on improvisations with Andrea Neumann (DE),
recorded in Berlin, November 2013. Recomposed by Mads Emil Nielsen, 2014. Will be part
of a compilation CD available at the (h)ear XL II exhibition along with Monokrom 1 (see below).

Monokrom 1 -
- will be screened at the (h)ear XL II Multimedia Sound Art Exhibition, 26/9-14 - 09/11-2014.

The Nielsen Movement: The Transformer
- An album made almost only from (millions of) Sister Nielsen voices. -
now available as digital release here. The release reception will take place at Sort/Hvid,
Skindergade 3, Copenhagen on September 25th 17:00. More information here.

FRAMEWORK scores printed at Officin, Copenhagen.
Will be released as book + CD later in 2014 on a new label: arbitrary. More information soon.

Fluxuator by Anders Holst/Mads Emil Nielsen. More here.

Two reviews (dk) of the Ginman/Eivør concert in Musikhuset - Aarhus Jazz Festival - July 13th 2014, posted here and here.

Anders Holst / Mads Emil Nielsen vinyls have arrived in Cph.
Kraftpak w. lasercut + printed inner sleeve - edition of 500 - beautifully mastered by Kassian Troyer.
To be released on clang; concert on thursday, July 10th at PB43. Official release+concert at Sort/Hvid, September 4th. More info here. Album preview:

Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2014
9 July 16:00 Adam Pultz Melbye & Mads Emil Nielsen, Harbo Bar
10 July 21:00 Anders Holst / Mads Emil Nielsen, PB43
12 July 18:00 Ginman/Eivør, Something Else, Det Kgl. Danske Haveselskab
13 July 20:00 Ginman/Eivør, Musikhuset, Aarhus Jazz Festival

In Circles (PM016, 2014) featured in the latest Entr'acte mix by Andrew Pekler.

Some words about the PM016 release
+ interview, Passive/Aggressive (DK) >>> link

RELEASE reception / concert on June 8th - poster by Dane Patterson:

Printing FRAMEWORK graphic scores, edition of 50. More information soon.

The Plant Migration Records - PM016 C30-tapes have arrived in DK. Order via the PM website or here.

Recently, audio from the release has been played in the East Village Radio show: Bim Bam Boom,
the Tabs Out Podcast - Episode #44, Transmission Arts, Twopenny Hangover (Warsaw, Poland) and Natsværmeren on DR (Danish National Radio) P2.

Promotional video by Dane Patterson, additional videography by Nicholas Parisi -

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THE TRANSFORMER - Sort/Hvid (CaféTeatret) March-April 2014 - nominated for a Reumert
award in the special category. Music from the project / performance will soon be released.

THE TRANSFORMER - premiere tonight, March 13th at CaféTeatret, Copenhagen.
Performance by Nielsen. Audio / music by Jakob Riis and Mads Emil Nielsen.

>> La Nielsen travelling through the bodies, movements, images and voices of those
who were before: Blixen, Bausch, Ofelia, Antigone, Medea, PJ, Michael(a) Jackson,
female samurais, amazones, reptiles, birds and others of the millions of Others. <<

Tape release out on Plant Migration Records. Four pieces recorded in Copenhagen, 2013.
Artwork by Dane Patterson. Other new releases by horsethrower and Eliza and Parry, available here.

Excerpt from the Adam Pultz Melbye Minimum Probability Ensemble
concert at Christianshavns Beboerhus, Copenhagen, February 7th 2014 posted here.

Excerpts from the silent movie Asphalt impro concert posted here.

Nielsen: The Transformer - a performance, premiere: March 13th 2014
at CaféTeatret, Copenhagen. Ideas/songs by Nielsen, audio/music produced by
Mads Emil Nielsen, live transformations by Jakob Riis. More information soon.

Adam Pultz Melbye Minimum Probability Ensemble
live this Friday, February 7th, 21:30 (Vinterjazz Festival) - link

Jomi Massage, Maria Laurette Friis and Mads Emil Nielsen will play
an improvised concert to the silent movie Asphalt (1929) in Cinemateket,
February 4th, 19:15. Presented by Goethe-Institut and Wundergrund.

Construction was featured on MONOblaster: LydKunstArkivet -
pieces from various artists, compiled in 2013 and released at LAK Festival.
A review has been posted at Undertoner (danish) - link

{image 11}

Lukas Graham's Ordinary Things, produced by BackBone / co-produced
by Mads Emil Nielsen in 2010, released in 2011, reached 3 x platin (streams),
and the album 4 x platin, January 2014.
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